Get tucked in…

As life was going for me, I was miserable.  I hated fighting all the time with Terry, I was confused over her betrayal, and I was sad for my new little brother and sister.  I did anything I could to be away from the house with a purpose, as I could not be gone without one.  Most of the time I had sports, boyfriends, and my jobs to keep me busy and that would help get my brain away from my situation.  I poured myself into anything I could possible do, and I hid my sadness behind a DTHS cheerleader uniform.  I had a mouth, and I had nothing to lose having people look at me, laugh at me, or even rely on me to engage a crowd.  It was a way that I could go to all the games, and think of myself as a normal teen.  I was still living with Terry, but things were getting worse between the two of us.

I had resigned myself to stay there as I figured I made my bed so I need to lay in it-but Terry and I were fighting all the time.  I loved/love that family and wanted to make it through to graduation, but that wasn’t going to happen.  When several members of the community, and a few from the school finally talked with me as to why I prefer to go to school with walking pneumonia and bronchitis, instead of staying home, I felt understood.  They asked me a few times to leave the house of Terry and move back in with the previous family.  I felt ashamed and took all the blame with me.  The school contacted my father in California to transfer the “Power of Attorney” back to my sister’s family, and my older sister took me to her house for a few days so I could get some rest and get rid of the pneumonia.

When I went back to school, the rumor was that the police were looking for me as I was called in as a “runaway”.  There were police in our town looking for me.  Luckily, my school was in one county and my sister lived in another, so I just needed to get over to the other county so I would not be caught.  If I was, I was worried about going back into foster care and miss my district volleyball tournament.  There was a few “close calls” and they came into the school and talked to administration, but the issue was squashed when the police saw the “POA” signed by my father…or so I thought.

We had our regional volleyball tournament in Yuma, Colorado, and I was scared to death that the police would show up, and they did.  I just knew that the police would haul me off the court, put me in handcuffs, and take me back to the city and put me in juvenile detention for running away.  When they showed up at the gym, my coach called me off the court and talked to me about keeping my head in the game, and don’t worry about the police, they are not here for me, but they were.  Thank God that the school administration, Laura’s family, and my older sister had copies of the new POA and that I was legally able to move out.  The police stayed for a while, and it seemed like everyone went up to talk to the police either to take me away, or trying to explain the situation, either way I was way freaked out.  Going into the biggest game of my volleyball career, I was a complete mess.  I had to try to pull myself together for the sake of all the other girls on the team, the coach, and me.  I did see the officers finally leave the gym, but I had no idea if I was in the clear or not, but it was much better without them standing at the side of the court, where they were ready to pull me off the court at any minute.  We played the Otis Bulldogs for the championship game, and I don’t think it was my best game, but we pulled it off and got to go to state.  I moved my stuff out of Terrytown, and back into my little sister’s family.  It was very sense, and sad at the same time.  Our town is too small to act like everything is good, and the two families didn’t get along for a long time, but the fence is mended.  We all made mistakes back then, we were young, and I was a mess.

In our state championship game, we won the first game, lost the second, and I was up to serve when the score was 6-6.  We won the game 15-6, I served the game out.  It was the best day of my life…

We Won State!!

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