Going bigger and better….

I am working on my blog, may be heading in two different directions.

As with most of my favorite films, it’s always the 2nd one that is a let down.  I think that trying to bring you all on my journey through the natural progressions into early 20’s is just not sitting well with me.  I think that we all have struggles we go through at that age and I just think I will tie it off in the next blog or two and head to dealing with all the baggage I had going into life on “Heather’s Terms”.  It isn’t easy to deal with your past and just see the world like everyone else.

So, I will be adding to my blogs, maybe add a few photos of me in the age range that I was in while my life was happening around me.  I have been researching this, and I have come to the conclusion that we are visual people, especially women.  We feel, so therefore we need to see to tie it all together.  I am sorry if my journey has been too graphic or too detailed for you, but I am not sorry I put it here.  I am not ashamed or holding any grudges to anyone-it’s my life, and I will own my decisions, and my past.

I’ll be back, there is so much going on in my head that I have to get it out…Me after first 4 blog entries UK

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