Bowling alleys and Trailer parks…

As much as we loved our “Blue Spruce Motel” it wasn’t a home.  My mom was still using money from Chuck to pay for it and she was not happy about that.  I don’t know how or when we got the trailer from my mom’s parents, but they let us use it.  It was a 10×40 bumper pull that we had in the trailer park near I-225 and Colfax avenue in Aurora, Colorado.  I remember it being warm outside, and we had full run of the park.  There were various trailors/campervans/tents throughout the park, and we fit right in.  The amenities included a cold swimming pool, and communal showers that had endless hot water-we loved it!  One of my favorite memories from that place was when my little sister and I went swimming when a summer storm came and they closed the pool, and we headed over to the showers.  We turned all of the shower heads on and danced around and sang “Ring my Bell” and “Kiss in the Dark” for as long as it took us to get pruned-it was so much fun!

There was a trailer wash bay that we used to spray our feet with when we got out of the creek that ran on the outskirts of the park, we called it our “car wash”.  I can’t begin to tell you how many gallons of water we wasted there during the dog-days of summer.  We spent so much time there that we started cleaning vehicles that lined up waiting for our money to run out.(the water was on a timer so 5 minutes costs $.25)    Behind the car wash was a creek, not too deep but way too fun to stay away from.  We used to go on “safari” down through the water looking for anything that moved.  We would find so much “treasure” down there that we fought over who would be the leader of our expedition!    I don’t remember my mom being home much, but I do remember her leaving us a few coins that she got from tips the night before. She would leave us each a quarter, which is what an ice cream would cost back then, before she went to work at the bowling alley bar.  My older sister was left in charge of us and I hated it.  Whatever she told me to do I would do the complete opposite-even if I didn’t want to-just to piss her off!    

We were all down at the creek one day, and I wanted to be the “leader” (it ways MY idea anyway!)  My older sister and I scuffled a bit, and I went off in a huff.  She was always more sensible than I was, but I was very headstrong and never wanted to listen to reason.  By the time I met back up with the group I had lost my quarter, which to me was like losing a $100.  I looked everywhere, and asked everyone if they had seen my beautiful, shiny, valuable quarter, but no one said a word. I was so mad that I said “FINE! I will go back and find it on my own!!”  My sister was not impressed and told me to stay with the group, but I was having none of it.  I ran back down to the creek and started looking for my beautiful, long-lost quarter.  I looked all over the creek bed and never found it.  As I finally gave up and headed back to our car wash, I saw a man walking toward me.  I recognized him as the father of one of my sister’s friends.  He came over to me and asked me if he could show me something.  Of course I thought it was my sparkling, newly polished quarter!!  He was a father that lived in the trailer park, and I walked over to where he had stopped.  Instead of reaching in his pocket to return my life-giving quarter, he dropped his shorts and he was bare-ass naked!  He said “have you ever seen one of these before?”  I was shocked-it was not my shiny quarter.  I stopped where I was and turned around saying “my sisters are waiting for me.”  He grabbed hold of my wrist and asked me to touch him.  I begged him to let me go, and he pulled me closer to his naked, hairy frame.  I tried to pull away from him but he held me tight.  He asked me over and over again to touch him, and he told me how much he loved me.  I was getting upset and tried with all my might to get away, but he kept holding on, and pulled me closer to the big tree that sheltered him from the creek and our car wash.  I was crying by now and begged him to let me go. He tried pulling me near his face while he stroked his now-hard, furry, old dick.  The closer he pulled me, the more I fought; and I finally broke free.  I ran away yelling “I have to go, my sisters are waiting for me!”  I never looked behind me, and the last thing I heard was “if you love me you’ll come back!”  I ran away as fast as I could, and no one was at the car wash; they had moved to the pool that had opened up for the day.  I finally found them all playing “tag” in the pool and I just joined in-never breathing a word of what just happened.  A few weeks later I told my older sister.  She was friends with the owner’s daughter, and that morning we were helping her clean the scum around the tiles in the pool.  Sadly, they were not surprised, but warned me not to tell anyone else.

As luck would have it, my younger sister was at that pervert’s “site” a few days later playing in their pickup truck-which doubled as their “closet”.  The girls had made a huge mess and the father got really angry.  He threw the girls out of the truckbed  and my younger sister got hurt.  She came home crying, and my mom asked her what happened.  Mom was already drunk, and my older sister tried to stop the answer from coming out, but she failed.  My mom was livid!!  She started cussing the guy out and ordered us to get in the car.  We tried to calm her down, but my mom was not having any of it, and grabbed a huge knife from the kitchen and stormed to her car.  We tried to stop her, but she drove over to the scene of the crime and yelled for him to face her. He was still angry about the mess the girls made and didn’t respond.  Mom was fuming and called him all sorts of names and he finally acknowledged her presence.  When he walked to the car, my mom pulled out the knife and said ” if you EVER lay a finger on my girls again I will KILL YOU!”  They argued a bit, but we finally got my mom to drive away.  After we settled back in our trailer, and mom went to work, the mere magnitude of the situation hit me and I cried.  My older sister said “See!  Now you know why I told you NOT to tell her about the creek!”  She was absolutely right, mom would’ve killed him if she found out what he did to me.  A few days later they were gone; I never found out if they moved on their own, or if the owner’s daughter spilled the beans-either way I was relieved.

As much as my older sister felt responsible for us, she could only do so much.  I always thought I could take care of myself, and to some degree I did, (I was still alive) but something like that I needed help.  I knew “someone” had told the owner what happened, and that is why the nasty old pervert packed his tent up and moved out, but I couldn’t bring myself to say “thank you” to my sister.  If only I had listened to her and never went back to the creek to look for my stinking quarter things may have worked out differently-but I didn’t.  It was my fault.

As much fun and freedom we had living there it was not healthy.  My mom was drinking quite heavily and not home much.  She left the raising of us girls to my older sister and spent all her money on booze.  The owner of the trailer park knocked on our door for the rent we owed, and we had no money to pay him.  Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, my mom and her “love de’jeur” hooked up the trailer and off we went…

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